vida (English)


My present that is distressed today
It looks for you in a thousand different ways
If the sky is gray and my soul black,
If I feel that grief overflows me
I’m locked in labyrinths with no way out
and I know that she is in a thousand ways with me.

Only that intense feeling of feeling it is enough
it does not matter if it’s bitter, long or short,
it is enough that penetrating me moves me,
shake me, drunk excite

well, the day I elude slippery
I will be a forgotten trace of destiny
And if it was me who is hiding fearful
I do not feel passion for your stimuli
I will have escaped from life without feeling it
or she marginalized me without even me noticing.

And to whom she puts me in her many twists and turns
I have to give everything I have
My passion, my hours, my madness
My fear my grief and my dead
My skin my sweat and sunrises
What I had, what I wanted, what I have

Well only if the delivery clears me
If I feel like I’m being threshed and emptied
I will know what is possessed
And that I owe what has not yet been

It does not matter if to whom it was directed
Do not understand the size of the delivery
And remember fellow pilgrim … no debts
It only matters that by allowing me to give you so much
You bound me with shackles to this life.