Tengo una amiga que me duele en el alma. (English)


I have a friend that hurts in my soul.
I have not seen it for years, I’ve been lost for years
To distant lands I knew I had left,
I did not fire her, because I never thought that I would have never lost her.

She was that friend that everyone should always have
If you want crazy, at first sight without direction, or principles, or sense;
That the life and the time that encalle in some place already occupied.
And then, already on course, your life will begin to make sense.
But want her persistence that she clings to her madness,
Well, without being with her I would never recognize her.

He found me in those dark moments of travel,
Where one should decide, act and correct,
But the “should” is a mandate and one feels a sheet
To which the wind blows in the direction it touches
And one is left with infinite pleasure
That was for my Soul, a wind that heals by throwing me
He did not question me, he took me to his cloud and there, very high up, he told me his dreams
Getting tangled up in the twists and turns of his beautiful twenty-something madness

How different were we yesterday ?, Today in adulthood I discovered that it was what united me
The pain of so many years of deficiencies …
You never understood why I understood your dreams and your once unattainable goals,
Simply because they were so similar to mine,
I divined in you a single fear, that of being subjugated
You did not understand my inability, to criticize your means
And so you walked away, so many years …
And so I look for you those same years.

The day I found you Alma, I was a crazy horse, happy
I did not even think about it a little, the joy of knowing you live,
IF YOU LIVE, even if you do not believe it,
Touch your door avasalle with memories, I rediscovered you in the look,
As if it could be devastated with so much absence
And leave you happy loaded with promises.

Only the following days, weeks and months
the runaway mare of the encounter,
And I could see what the excitement of finding you denied me the reasoning
That we have not been far but close, almost the blocks are counted!
What could you have found me if you had sought me,
That perhaps and even though my soul hurts, like calling me, you have not called,
You do not want to see me, but I see you only I have wished!

I do not judge you, I do not criticize you. I was looking for you to go crazy
But as I feel you “Amiga”, I understand, and I step aside
Sorry I went crazy when I saw you, overflowed with joy,
Perhaps I invaded your house with memories and a past that did not fit there.
No longer fear, and despite not understanding and saying that I understood,

Do me a favor, just one dear Soul, My friend,
Always keep inside you hidden a bit of that beautiful madness of yours
And when she appears, if you like, (alone, if you like), call me, and let’s go
Let us take where the wind blows.