Romance de posparto (English)

Postpartum romance

Do not call anymore, there’s no need
Not even that postponed coffee talk I need.
Do not feel in debt to me
Debts are like a burden, we are at peace.
Occasional love, perhaps friend.
Nobody is right, I force myself to be with you.

But you know what….?
There is something in you, in your look,
In the conciseness of your words,
In your distance intervals
They say, look at me – do not ask for it –
Talk to me-don’t go through silences-
Look for me -I’m taking the initiative-

Only God and destiny will know with time
Because those three or four weeks were granted to us.
I, ironically, call them postpartum now.
I would be happy to know that something good from me could leave you,
Because it seems that for that I am in this world,
To give and that was my intention, just give you.

Only by forgiving, forgetting finally arrives.
And it is gentle forgetfulness, beloved friend,
The one that allows me to remember myself in your arms,
With your hands holding mine.
And your insolent eyes, scoundrels, daring,
Penetrating in my gaze, to reach my soul,
Knowing that you would never love me, but that there you would leave your mark

That leaves me again to lose myself in the silent depth
From your anguished gaze, which will never say a word,
I just have to intuit it, and feel you inside me again
Thinking of me ?, maybe I never knew,
But sure trying to reach something long ago you’ve already lost.
Own a woman in soul and life,
Without fear of being hurt, and without her being afraid of being hurt.

Making love, is that simple act almost daily,
That supposes a delivery of body and sometimes, soul.
It is apparently the only thing I could receive from you,
The most you can give and so you have lived two decades of your life
And so things have gone well, the rest between sports, family and friends.
And it’s not casual, it’s your choice; and it has protected you.
And generous life until a child for years to come has given you.
Who am I, crazy little girl to alter that, your routine.

No longer fear, or hide, take care of that phone without fear
And open that email without worries, there will be no surprises,
Your life will remain all yours, I will never invade your space.
And if you cross with me for life,
Pretend, you must realize that you have never had me.

Enjoy your choices without judging yourself,
The world is still a beautiful place,
And I already know, I will never forget you.
If I so wish, it is not allowed.