Ríete de ti misma (English)


You, if you, are the person who most grace you,
I assure you that you are a funny being
Laugh at you, at your faults, at your mistakes,
and even of your virtues that you think are important
Over time be a funny being.
Not in thanks, but in humor,
Strive in the corners of your lips
Always be up
It will help you to have a friendly face.

Find the lenses that you have over your head,
Forget where you kept that
That you especially wanted to not lose,
And laugh, believe me you will do with time
Irremediably funny.
Take advantage and be your best audience.
And then spread it around you.
Be a mood lamp

I seal especially for yourself,
And have your greatest achievements
Who laugh at you who know you,
There is no malice in it.
It will help you to welcome
To the inevitable passage of the years.

Do not get bitter from your gray hair,
You have two hair colors
Hair grows on your face,
Enteretieneté in discovering them, now you have time,
You look terrible in that photo, save it for a few years!
You will see that when you see him again you will look great,

If in the meetings they talk about diseases
It’s you who makes a joke, change the subject.
You have seen how much they have achieved, the freer they are now,
Of the little that some things that were priority before now matters,
How much less is now needed.

But above all laugh, and make you laugh,
Always have that joke ready, or that joke to come out,
Laugh at how you were before, your abandoned hobbies,
Laugh at the dictatorships of fashion
What have you happily abandoned?
Look at the high heels and sigh of relief
If you no longer have to and use them,
Without forgetting to thank them how much they helped you.

And if you’re lucky, laugh with your mother,
Now that life in many things is equalizing,
And the quarrels leaving,
And if you still have it, with your partner laugh,
Laughter will keep you together.
Just see a photo of what were once
and see what the years have done;
Laugh at free rein, if you love each other
They will laugh at the same time.