Pendeviejos (English)


It’s an age where people mistreat you
The rushed seller, the cashier who does not pocket
The doorman who does not open the door if he sees you charged
The bus driver that does not stop at the bus stop
The indifference of the one to whom you ask for something
The annoyance of who you share and is upset with
The permanent plight of your children who never have time
The sigh that your husband exhales at that exact moment,
Meaning the gesture.

And there is silence. The most corrosive of all the abuse
Daily, daily, persistent mistreatment, indifferent silence
When you realize that the other you are with, ignores you
Because being a recipient of your routine, He does not see you
As someone who also happens things
“Invisibility of presence”, another form of abuse
That destroys your confidence, annihilates your essence

There are a lot of people at this moment feeling invisible
Because as if what they once were today was not worth it,
And only what they are today is, what you see, what counts,
The tilinga vortex of the present consumes them to be seen
Everyone will try their way, with dignity
Or not, it will choose, that who wants to see it, discover it
Not caring to be invisible to everyone,
If for whom it matters, it ceases to be transparent

A society Where the cult of youth is what exalts
Not the experience of the young adult whom the years make wiser
This society that simply calls old, Don, Doña, Mr.
Only from the fifties onwards
Unemployed, excluded from the labor market, Not adaptable
To those who system they run forward the retirement age

Care for full-time grandchildren when the children replace them with maids

Treating them as children To, “keep them busy”
As if they could not choose what to do with their lives.

For lots you can see them in Buenos Aires bars, they have plenty of time
They are the ones who read, those who write, they are the ones who know
Maybe they smoke, or do aerobics, yoga, or psychoanalysis
They are in networks, they talk about politics, they go on with their lives
Because they are still full, because they want, and forces to spare
The seductive, they still virile, in time of waiting
Resisting abuse, rearming their lives, recovering spaces
Among them they search, share codes, abandon complexes
They are the pende-old, as they are called, mirror epithet
Welcome to the club, of the, excluded, and that are Not old.