Noches Sin Luna English

My life was illuminated with you,

Abundant happiness next to you.

And now that you’re gone,

I could not be happy.


My soul lives now in darkness,

Sadness now reigns in my heart.

My nights have run out of moon,

and my days have run out of sun.


I have remained in complete darkness,

without any road to follow.

Your love was the light that guided me,

and now, lost, I find myself without you.


Those nights that lack moon

that I have lived without your love,

Hope has withered in me

and they have left the heart hurt.


You took your happiness with you,

you stole the reason for my existence,

you withered the light of my hope,

and dead you left my desire to live.


I beg you, come back to me,

and put an end to this pain.

Give the moon back to my nights,

and to my days give them back the sun.