NO (English)


It is not no and there is only one way to say it. “Do not”.
No admiration, no questions, no ellipsis.
No, it is said in only one way.
It is short, fast, monotonous, sober, concise.
Two letter, No. Jan, O

It is said only once, No.
With the same intonation,
Like a broken record, No.
A No that needs a long walk,
Or a reflection in the garden,
No, it’s No, already decided.

A No that needs explanations and justifications It is not an NI
No, it has the briefness of a second, but an unabated reach
It is a No, for the other because it was already for oneself.

It’s not No, here and far from here.
It does not leave open doors or even hopes,
No, you can not stop Being No,
Although the other and the world stand up.
It is not for some the last act of dignity.

It is not the end of a book, or story
Without more chapters or second parts.
No, it is not said by letter,
Nor is it said silently,
Not in a low voice, not shouting,
Not with his head down,
Nor looking away,
If perhaps with grief, and even less with satisfaction.
It should not be said straight

It’s not No, because No.
Reasons are useless
When he is not No, he looks into his eyes
And he does not naturally fall from his lips.

The voice of the No is neither tremulous nor hesitant,
Not aggressive, leaves no doubt.
That No is not a denial of the past,
From a yesterday that with pain in that NO, we abandon
Then NO, it is a correction of the future.
No, it’s the end for some
And the start for others.
And only who knows how to say No
You can say “Yes”