Mi Fe (English)

My faith

I looked for him in the books, In the teachings, in the parable
In the faith of others, In the raconto of miracles
In the wonders of the earth, In the beauty that flies
In the inexplicable, the immeasurable and lean
In the miracle of life and in death, alone.

I learned catechisms, I wandered through a thousand religions,
Searching for infinite being within a thousand cathedrals
With your gift of ubiquity, wait for me to join,
May your faith flood my conceptual vagueness
Before so much magnificence I held my denials
Why should I be foolish if faced with such realities?
Agnostic was, foolish my confusions.

But there was always doubt, it was a God or it was science
And the more he dug, in the whole creation,
Every earthly wonder, conception, life, death, belief
It had its empirical correlate, however divine I saw it.

One day in people identify the virtues
Those that have some humans; blissful
Some, the exceptions are lavish in attitudes
They are wise, whole, deprived, giving,
Patients, sacrificed, confident, and hopeful.

Loyal, tolerant, courteous and courageous
Kind, helpful, fair and delicate
Honored, cheerful and respectful
Humble, compassionate, and self-sacrificing.

It is moving to see some gift of these in people
With some, it is already copious. Prodigious integrity
There must be a God who chose these champion souls
To channel the neighbor in his naivety
The path, the right one, the path of good, the one that you question.

If you do not have faith like I have not treasured it
In that God mentioned that you can not see
Find these people. They surround you, you have looked at them
When you see them you have not noticed them, they are difficult to cover
Anonymous beings,equal but mixed
You will know how to recognize them, they will have virtues of highlighting.

Follow , imitate them, reflect. They are not easy to find
They cross in your path, like a lighthouse to flame
Showing you with your example, the way of life to mold
Decipher in your neighbor the virtue to startle
Hold on to her, and let yourself go.