Mi Amiga de 1.70 (English)

My Friend of 1.70

Today the pain assaulted suddenly
Ladino bug if crouching was
Between my breasts I knew who brought
And I woke up wet from my tears
And I do not lie symbolic paper in the form of a program
If I tell you that by writing the tears I fall
Because I do not give up what I face
I know I will fail in any case in the attempt
But I would like to at least leave this sketch
The story of our friendship told
As if little by little you can shed it
You will find the answer at this distance.

When I met you I was 15 and I was a very unhappy invisible person
You let me be your bank partner, and even today, I do not cause it,
I must have pity you or it was not anyone’s choice
Stockings 170 that for me one and a half meters were imposing
You were beautiful, you were sure you had everything.
And I was a kid who had now by my side, someone
Over the years we became friends, inseparable
Friends of adolescence, after youth, after life
We chose long and university youth, we counted on everything
Even the secrets that we keep today, because they still hurt us
We understood each other a lot, we were similar.
Except that your luck in life was far from what I got on the ticket
You were generous to the unspeakable,
You gave me everything, help, refuge, consolation,
Shared clothes, borrowed family, second-hand teacher,

Our youth was long, we postponed marriage with what it brings
We did different races but we studied together
I was never aware of being short on your side,
And it is today that I wonder how we share clothes
We had endless talks, fun hikes
Anecdotes crazy, since we were both tocayas
Each one with its style was pretty, you stunning in 1.70
And at that time, something weird none had a phone
There was never any criticism, for being crazy, what was happening to us
I do not remember hearing a reproach or complaint
Even advice, never an anger, laughter like crazy
Unconditionality was like that, blind, it was not judged, everything was accepted.

Years passed and each one made his life.
Career jobs, countless boyfriends
We were mothers and wives I do not remember the order or maybe it matters
And we’re still together, you had a political husband
Mine the second was always parsimonious
You had and always had a comfortable economic position,
Contrary to mine to face my expenses,
And even though it was not enough, you always helped me
Gifted with beauty you were sure, even pride, you could be!
One day you followed your instinct basted tracks and the truth I explode in your face
You were married to who was not and was not the one you thought
I think that killed your essence, security and dignity
I had cheated on your intelligence and credibility

You hid it at the beginning because the blow unbalanced you
When you could tell, you were already broken,
And I, it looks like I could not or I knew nothing
Nothing of what you expected, you fail in that. I did not know
I was traveling my own inner path of search
Only when I left I went to meet you, and you could not, that’s what you said
Being with me and my madness together was too much.
Your husband was not there anymore, you fought her alone.
You had to start over, when the age was to relax

You changed house, style, neighborhood, and position
You renounced luxuries, you swallowed your pride, and you took a jerk
You suppressed self, you changed habits, you took up the profession
And you loaded all the maintenance on your shoulders
I met your new house, I heard you explain the new situation
But I knew what changes would imply for you
And I thought you would realize that as I no one else would understand
What it was to make a living, to eat it alone, to fight for life
Because you had seen me, because it was my life, because that’s what came of it.
And I left sad but calm, understanding, dear Friend
As perhaps none of the others shared, perhaps he would.

And if something I did wrong, sure there is something
I keep looking for it analyzing it,
Sometimes afternoons and late nights
Reliving our lives together I look for where was the wrong one
Where I betrayed you, hurt you, hurt you
We remember together of teenagers, young people, mothers
And I know that I was totally faithful to you. Without failing or mind
Today you do not want to see me, it’s not my fault that you’re busy
That you have two jobs that do not give coarse, that nothing happens
But you do not listen to me, you avoid me, you block me, you do not call
And I think about what I’ve done so badly, to cause such rejection.

And after a lot of pain before backing up
I think I interpret because you can not bear to see me by your side
And it’s just that your tragedy has not happened to me
And it is your dignity that you want to save before me, Una Nada
Your little friend, the insignificant little Claudia
The one with the problems, the one with the need, the ashtray.
Who owes you so much, whom you helped so much
The one that had the role of always being the needy
Thirty years each playing a role that is now reversed
I did not know how to provide you, put myself in your role, as you were once
You did not want to see yourself in the place, the one that I occupied
Strange setbacks that life gives you,
The discomfort that s