La Brecha (English)

The gap

I live in a country that are two countries
One inside the other, or split in two
Not the territory but its people,
That interspersed is divided
Almost exactly in the same proportion, little bit more, less
So opposite are the extremes that not even talking to each other can
Two antinomies that have always been
But that now as never divided
A crack has been built

I want to reduce the crack that separates us
Tender a stair between that space
Push the ends of each side
To make it a little smaller
It is a deep and very wide crack
And on each side there are crowds
In equal parts, or almost identical
Of angry people, defiant defiance,
But it’s just people, the same people

I try stoically and with words
One by one and on each side, I’m explaining
Weaving lianas with my verses in each hole
So that everyone wants to hang them and launch
And I can see that on the other side of the fracture
Beyond trampled ideologies
There are people, people, humans, Argentines
That were trapped in his side.
For speeches that they made themselves delighted
To stay then cheated or
With their trampled ideologies
Or absolutely convinced
Fight with your friends
Or with enmity relatives

And I hurt my hands pushing
The crack on the sides of both sides
If I manage to bring the parts together a little
I feel that again push me both sides
And I think then to whom it is convenient
Let the crack remain and be great
If populism is the one that divides and has already left,
Why this fracture lasts and is promoted?

I want to bring the ends of this crack closer
Bring bridges, create bonds, close hatreds
That on one side and the other can be seen
In the eyes as humans, fellow citizens
With defects with virtues with ideas
Bad, good, different things
But let them talk, do not insult, or aggravate
That they build a different path
That a principle must be only a bridge

And if you are the one, on the side that you are crossing the same
You will do your part, small but important
To reduce the crack that divides us
And what is urgent!
Make it fine, eliminate it, reunify
That there is no Republic if we are not together or divided
And that fought, fractured,
You know who said it!
It is the outsiders who devour us, they are the outsiders