Do not take your sister for your best friend
It will always be your sister, it can be your friend,
But never your best friend.
I made that mistake, if I can call it that way, partly because of it,
And in a moment life matched us being mothers.
I think it was at that time that we shared puerperium childbirth,
In which I made her my best friend.

I did not blame her, she did not give me the title,
He gave it to me if he wants my executive solitude without time.
He had son and nephew, equal in their time and growth,
But Nephew is not your son, even if he is your godson
That was not my luck either.

Do not think your sister could be your best friend
It’s your sister what implies that there are parents involved,
Be careful, you are already big and you know
That parents love their children equally but in a different way,
And to be able to do it without more evidence,
or lesser fault, they must necessarily
Have separate links with them,
Subtly … sometimes, Machiavellian.

Late, very late, I noticed that
Although I loved and cared for my nephew as a son,
He would never see me as a mother,
And what is even worse than doing it
I occupied a space that was not mine but hers,
My sister, her mother, my best friend.
And much later I even assumed
The bigger the bond of my mother
With my sister that with me, so blind was …

There is sister naivety,
How much it hurt to lose who I had for best friend!
There is daughter’s pain understanding,
Assuming the place that one occupies in the ranks
Of brothers inside my mother’s heart …

What perhaps my nephew did
It was at the time, a help due, expected
It is not even expected to be recognized,
Less even rewarded.
Needless to say sister that for me at that time
If you were my best friend, my confidant, my partner, my equal, my landlady.
If I cheated and I realized later pay your price
But as received God knows it, I keep you appreciation
because there you were, because there I think I was,
With my successes and mistakes, my two loves.