Escondidas al revés A Marcela (English)

Hidden upside down

To Marcela

It started as a game, nobody taught it
They the older sisters
They would have their 6 or 7 in a row so they were
And his three brothers five, three and one
It was not that they were alert, it was not necessary,
They were startled by the fear already rooted in small ones.
Pray a dry noise, a blow, a content scream
They distinguished it, no matter how

And then the game began, the hidden ones.
Each one knew who had to hide
They did not know well neither for what, nor why,
But what to do, innately: protect
Swiftly by the hand, or lifting them they hid them
A closet, behind a door, there put it
Somewhere from where I could not See, hear
Or, from where they could see them
A game of hidden upside down
Protecting them from what they would have to see

And they played the game throughout their childhood and adolescence
They changed dolls by platforms
But they were still alert, experienced
Not only to hide-and-seek with their younger brothers
But tired of being passive witnesses of so much violence
Sometimes they tried
Stop the unstoppable; Intentions of girls!
In an unequal and incomprehensible battle
Where who should protect them hit them

The years passed immutable and brought changes
The adulthood showed them in their errors, the trace of those traces
But life made them the best gift
Without even thinking about it, without passing the bill
The children of yesterday, men today, play hide and seek
78,79 and 100 who did not hide, do not kid
That of the spankings, and the blows to his younger siblings
I do not keep them in memory
From a beaten mom and a dad who insulted her
Today I tell them and it seems like a joke
79 100 the one who did not hide is kidding.