El Enemigo Dentro English

A being that I have trapped inside,

and with it, fear I have to coexist.

A being empowered of my mind and my soul,

and outside my body refuses to leave.


Mercilessly betrayed by my feelings,

In temptation and curiosity, I eventually fell.

On a night marked by a fateful moment,

a ruthless enemy seized me.


An enemy that silently sleeps

in the blood running through all my veins.

Their threatening presence is not imminent danger,

It has not caused any pain or grief yet.


A strategic enemy within my being

waiting for the moment to attack,

and my body without defenses or weapons,

without any power to fight and win.


I would like to turn back time,

That night I will always regret it.

There is no way to eradicate the enemy yet.

No powerful weapon that can stop him.


A moment of complete carelessness,

No protection I thought of using.

Now I pay dearly for a high price,

a hard lesson to overcome.