El desierto de la sed (English) – Galarza, Rodrigo

The desert of thirst

Rodrigo Galarza

1st Edition: Amargord Ediciones, Madrid, 2004

2nd edition, Ananga Ranga, Corrientes, 2016

the desert of thirst

not the thirst of the desert

-Hugo Mugica

Thirst builds bridges


the fog… a man

and God

burning in the white glare of his bones.


the dark bird of the night flies


transcending the mystery

thus death becomes more daily

II your eyes grow in the fog

they do not see the precipice

and yet they are embarrassed

they grow.

They dissolve

in the pale color of a dream

they grow


they become fog

III sink until touching the bottom until bursting into corollas the eyes IV burn next to your bones the perfumes of the night when the days burn your bones will be the way V the words overflow callan they bleed their limits a hurtful silence opens turn on the night all the desert fits in my eyes and still the wait SAW and I have to squeeze my mouth against yours and wait for the claims to bleed to remain silent the urgencies of silence VII while the body waits it is a tear of desire an impoverished imitation of light VIII the water discovers its cold knife fell to the slaughter the twilight on the eyes of an angel … and yet life IX and you feel that under your skin the wound does not stop breeds flowers with the blood of an aurora you just need to find out where the music starts X that pain breathes what breathes the stigma of a dispossession that begins to light or pure transparency XI finally the water understood what the bird feels when the day ends: He copied the figure of a man bleeding in the twilight and it hurt … XII I was before the beauty Maybe it was the bird of your breath that still flies over my deaths XIII light on blind eyes Dementia that surrounds the distance until it becomes a ravenous point the night is bleeding beauty is now the splendor of emptiness XIV Clear is your voice in the middle of the night a thread on Will I get to the center? Will I give you death definitely?