Despedida (English)


There are times when one knows that it is no longer enough
That it is no longer enough, that it no longer adds up, that it is tired
Moments of fear, anguish, hopelessness
To know oneself, to approach failure, to need a hug
If he had talked everything, and achieved nothing
Of, in the stubbornness of habit,
Wanting to keep trying, fighting him
But inside it is known that the end lurks
That love went long ago, is gone and I did not realize
He went down the opposite side of my door.
And the days go by and the crises happen and I keep lying,
In this silent quarrel of who is the first to be left
Because it does not give me the soul to leave the nest
And they do not give me the strength to ask you.
We cross dumb in tense silence
Loading each one the most dense failure
That one that feels and with sorrow, it is understood
Of worn love, to grow different
At last I make a suitcase and I look for a refuge
As long as you do not kick yourself out and move one step forward
Because if I do not, I know we will not
That of negations, we will support ourselves
Total!,! We are great !, the people tell us,
It does not happen to everyone, they are normal crises!
And then we see them “Elders”, Hate!
For not having left when there was still time.
Let me leave you love, that I have loved you
Unfasten my wings, take off your chains
That what united us today has set us apart
Let’s not hurt ourselves anymore, we’re not strong
Keep in your memory what I’ve been
During the time that we have had
I am not the one of then, I can not help it
And what I am now can not stand it.
We have children left if they are both
They will always unite us, without being able to avoid it
They are the best of yours and mine, the best of both
I do not think they want to see us always litigating
Let’s be cordial in our distance
Without the pretense of still being together
But with the story that we lavish on them
We can do it, I’ll tell you how!
You just remember how you’ve loved me
And I’ll think how happy I’ve been by your side.