Desamor Cotidiano (English)

Everyday Heartbreak

When love ends, when nothing works
The lived years are piled up, the memories of looking for it
The respect that binds her, the loyalty that imprisons her
And the unspeakable sorrow for the other, knowing that already not love
Fractured will remain with his departure.
Hating for the same things that still did not encourage her outing
Blaming yourself for the memories that hold it together
Sincerándose finally at the cost of the wound.

Because he knows that nothing changes, he has traveled the journey.
That although I love him, the place he has is not the one that aspires.
That he lost his life in the battle of asking for projects.
Where His foolishness to have everything under control, turns
He consecrated the needed security.
Dragging his love that he did not want to control judging.
They travel that moment of couple, disturbed
Where one’s love died, I agonize, warning.

He in his denial locked himself in, to amend it,
And maybe to recover it, I look for the agreed thing
To the extinct passion to inject adrenaline, resuscitate it
They live day after day looking at each other, measuring themselves terrified.
That if he speaks to him he does not know what, to articulate.
That if something tells you, to shut up adheres.
Lack of actions to counterattack
But change does not want, or does not prosper.

She, who shows her lack of love today sees him, “friend”
Do not know how to stay lost in memories
Days occur without speaking as enemies
Not because they have forgotten the cause of the disagreement
Only that the lack of love has been installed.
Beginning to disarm the everydayness of affection
Thirty years allies, love spent,
Made a life, shared the journey.

In lonely distressed digs between their values
The meaning of knowing good people
Overwhelmed, with the fault of leaving him without resentments
When the period came to take care of him, she questions it.
If her soul remains by his side he will die captive,
Immolate her passion, her creativity, her joy,
Her desires, her frenzy for life.
And I know she would do it out of decency and cowardice.