De adioses electrónicos, adioses de adolescencia (English)

Of electronic goodbye, goodbye adolescence

For Gianluca

She has left you, and that has hurt you
Like a furious vandal, you roar,
Without sound your words have come out,
Without thinking they have even left,
They are words of the now, modern ones,
The unsaid but written, those who travel
Not on paper or on paper, but on fibers and cables, waves, antennas, screens,
Plimm !, explode, on her screen …
And the written word is so damaging,
It is not deleted, but its letter records

And how to express feelings in another way
You or in your generation the capacity, has been lost
You lost it because you wanted it, and because you did not know how to express it, it was gone.

You insulted her with the anger she gave you when Plimmm,
I explode your goodbye on your screen
Your sorry goodbye electronic
And it was your love for her that exploded inside you,
For the unsaid, for the silent, for the omitted

And if you were hurt, there is pettiness! that I hurt you,
How injured are we both …
No matter, crazy paradox that we both talk about leaving us, and not of not loving us …
And deep down I know I did not know what I felt for you, stupid, clumsy or short
And leave you insecure, hurt, wounded
Plimmmm! Plimmm! Plimmm! They sound on your mobile
Words that can not be unsettled

From love you must learn that if you have lost,
Shut up you have to leave with your love party
And if you have loved her, if you still love her, or if she is already in your oblivion
Be your friend, and go fast, do not hurt her, do not hurt her,
Go with your face up, without a tear, give a hug,
Well, from love to hate there is so little space,
How to estimate the damage that in your person will do
A woman angry, hurt, disgusted.