Cáncer, ese Asesino (English)

Cancer, that killer

From the beginning I never knew why there was no vaccine
Having the man been able to reach the moon
He was approached differently, attacking the continent cells
With powerful weapons such as lightning or chemical poisons
Like in the war, weapons incapable of differentiating
Healthy cells of the sick, destroy both equally
At a risk that the patient without option assumes
Delicate balance in which according to the patient
Play your luck to how your body is
After the shooting to the malignant tumor

It is Cancer, an untamable enemy
That attacks us on all affective fronts
It steals loved ones, leaving us powerless
Or it reveals us in the anguish of waiting for our time
We’ve all been touched by the door, be it our or a friend’s
Sons siblings relatives, no one has been excluded
Lock your door, hide yourself from the one who has contracted it
It does not matter what you do, the code is in your genes
Secret undiscovered, one for each type

Now I attack my friend, and it’s as if she got into me
I am furious with Him, I do not know if He has known it
My friend already happened by the arms
Of destruction of massive cells
His body paid the price, his tumor laughs indifferent
Neither bigger nor smaller, just as always
But she is no longer the same, she must start again
And the countdown we won a few months
Exiguous profit in disparate struggle, is what you have
It is what there is, others do not obtain it.

And we who love her, little by little and with respect
We approach, When she leaves us
Because he will have his days,
Of the good guys and the bad guys
How much can we do?
! In what things do not make mistakes!
There are no magic remedies,
If there were, do you think she would not know?
Be careful with what you advise,
And remember that you do not “know what it feels like”,
Do not tell him, it’s not true
She lives with the idea of ​​death
You still have the calendar open
Let her talk, just listen to her
You will have time for your comments
And give him your affection, caress her
Your body is weak but it feels you.

Do not make plans live with it only the present
A convalescent day to day,
Adapt, adjust, convince yourself
Dry your tears, take your strength
That does not improve, and what follows is for strong
Let her go, give her permission
Subtract with it. Dry your forehead

My friend left June
Ten months of bitter battle
I was lucky to see her and to be with her
I touched her hand, I told her that I took care of her
She told me, “to live like that sucks”
I tried to stop it and together we could not
Tears ran through his red eyes
And I knew that the beginning of the end had arrived.

I could not fulfill the promise to die in his bed
They filled her with morphine to calm her down
Touch your forehead and your face and they were cold
Big dark green circles around his big eyes
It was when I saw that he was leaving,
Slowly, without amorfined pain
With his mouth open he breathed
And his body a spoil was transformed
The next day his soul was gone.
He left me these verses, to remember it.