Bernardo (English)


He did not come to the wedding party
But I know that my mother-in-law brought him tied to his side
And my brothers-in-law associated in their memories, if He were!
Although it had been missing for so long
My father-in-law was always among us
Bernardo is called. I do not say, it was called
I know more about him than his photo, only one photo

I travel with us and back then, my boyfriend
When we try to leave a beloved Buenos Aires
And it was perhaps in the distance that my boyfriend then
Eighteen years later he could mourn his absence
Mourn, empty your soul, shed tears
That the surprise, disbelief, and anger of his absence
They covered eighteen tremendous years of lack.

Bernardo grew up with my children and like in a story
The story of his anecdotes shaped his essence
He was a grandfather always present in his nonexistence
He was asked, He was invoked, with Him was exemplified
And also he visited himself.

As a Sunday walk, my children left
With his father to see his grave, scented
And in those moments of memories,
I know maybe invisible He embodied
Blessings of angel sighed

We were able to read the letters that He left written to her children
Advice, life recommendations, instructions
And even my daughter wrote her own letter.

Bernardo is called the grandfather of my children
The only one they had, that was never alive.
Because it was not necessary, because it always existed.
That with so much absence, I flood presence.

Thirty years later that party
I still need my father-in-law’s chest
To take refuge.