Argamasa de amor (English)

Love mortar

He knows for who he is

It was My love of youth
That without horizons or limits
With infinite dreams where everything is possible
Crazy love all vertigo all new, possible absolute.

My skin was his,
Our bodies were coupled in such a way that they were melted,
Binding integrating, mixing,
Without defining the eating of the one, the end of the other
As well as our dreams, they were our breaths, one,
A single breath of the same oxygen

Two human beings fused in one, from the external to the internal,
Thinking in unison,
Enamored, loving, entreverándose their projects, their souls,
In a mess of skin sweat flesh fluids.
Distance, desire, the whole, until I do not know where it begins and ends
Because the two are one, like a bruised mass,
Kneaded, cut in two pieces.

And that day I had to leave you …
And for more years that I spent reviewing
In retrospect, the reason for my departure
It does not matter anymore
It has long been wrongly decided

Because what I did not understand, there is pity
It was that by leaving you, I alone would never leave,
But my Self, my love mortar, with your empathy
With your smell, your dreams with me, and
Your looks in my company

And with everything that adhered to my DNA in the years lived together
Your times in my times,
Your urgency in mine your saliva like mine in my mouth
Your breath in the breath of mine
And your absence, there is my love, always and forever
In my absence! as!,! how much! And forever, it would hurt!

And just as half a mortar of love is left
And the life that followed was lived
In each love lived with your love, I lived
Each delivery was partly towards you
Each kiss knew your saliva
And every ecstasy had partly your breath, and your name contained
Thinking, calling you, dreaming, my love mortar

I built all my life with your absence.
Generous love that expands as a leavening dough
I had a husband, children, projects, a life.
Always, secretly very secretly
Hopeful to meet again
The other amputated part of my love mortar
But also wishing that she
I would have found peace.