Amor En Penitencia English

Dedicated to: Laura Beatriz D.

He’s a mature man, nothing distinguishes him
Gray hair, belly, and walking in his time
But he lives his days as a naughty child
Hide in secret an intimate enigma, a confidence
For so long but so long
A secret love a love first
What was his misery or perhaps his ambrosia
That from loving them so much I frame his life.

But they are not together, someone got in the way
Her pride did not forgive then
And in his cowardice, he did not choose her.

They say that she’s the evil one of so betrayed
Looking into the eyes of the lucky one, he released a curse
“You will have him, but in Me he will think when he is with you
for all the life that he will be in your arms ”
Purple sparkles sealed the spell
And the spiteful bled lacerating and far.

Years, decades, lives have passed
They lived each with another love by his side
The lost passion held to one side, well concealed ‘

The children were born, stories, families were woven
They, always separated, always connected
In modern times, difficult to avoid
An inescapable  resigned love
A desperate risky love .

Thirty years spent together, distanced
But with the anxiety intact, I awake the longing
Lovers of always, in the lontananza
Maybe they achieved stolen moments,
Larger in memory for treasuring it,
And intense in fear of being caught.

It was only a matter of time for Him to be caught,
Because of the spell he was condemned,
His clear eyes have betrayed him,
With her face painted in her iris
Thinking about her, loving her, although he has denied it.

Today he is punished, he is in penance.
Forbidden to call her, look for her, think her,
Her only name is a bad word.
Of technology Nothing has left him.
He does not have mail, nor speak of a mobile, or social networks.
Wherever he moves, they always accompany him, he never goes alone,
So that he does not escape, he even tries,
Do not call her, let her contact she,
That they agree to see each other.

They are two full moons, they should not collide,
Because if they did it eclipse so great.
My soul: that in the darkness I would not see you anymore!
What I see you I do not need anymore!
“Be your contours, I follow your scents”
I do not get lost anymore!, there I find you!
And we lose both, so much that we have.