Alma Soñada (English)


DREAMT SOUL by Begoña Regueiro Salgado

1st edition – October 2009 © Begoña Regueiro Salgado © of this edition GEEPP Ediciones

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COVERS: Paco Regueiro Salgado


MAKING: Jorrit van der Geld ISBN: ISBNǦ13: 978Ǧ84Ǧ937285Ǧ3Ǧ3 ISBNǦ10: 84Ǧ937285Ǧ3Ǧ5



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PRINT: Publicaciones Digitales S.A. Seville. Printed in Spain.



To Carmen Herrero, Rocío Santisteban and Ricardo García, for the words that always accompany mine to intone the perfect melody.

To Manuel Pereira, for support, faith and friendship.

To my mother, for teaching me to see the stories in the stars. To my father, for believing me capable of flying and helping me unfold my wings. To my brothers. To my friends.

To the letter J. To the J of Jorrit to dream next to me and to extend the paths of my dreams.


For you, this soul, always.

I love, I suffer, I fight.

I am afraid and I tremble at night,

and I hide. I bite my lip because I’m nervous.

I get angry with the world,

and with you, when you do not love me as I deserve.

I clean my face to my wrists and hug my teddy bears.

I dream.

I dream at night and for the day.

In the morning, mid afternoon, at lunchtime.

I dream at all times.

With eyes closed and half open,

with the lost look.

I dream because I love, because I suffer, because I fight.

I dream because I am afraid and I tremble, and I hide;

because I bite my lip.

Dream present, past and future.

I dream. Dream. Dream.

Because life is a nightmare from which I only escape while dreaming.

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