A contramano (English)


There are stocks that have that style, they go in the opposite direction
The one I tell you, mine is one of those always in reverse
I know when I decided, I was three years old, my brother died,
It must be from there that you want to be invisible, do not disturb, or star in
I sensed that this helped to save mourning
That he has a mother with children around his neck

I had several brothers, and I chose to be the muda,
Being the middle one the choice falls of mature
If the others were healthy, I was the one who got sick
If in adolescence the others passed normally
I was a freak, because I was silent for absent, as a teenager
If at fifteen I played a party, I managed to get rid of it,
If in fifth it was Bariloche, I invented any other car.
And so almost without realizing the weird elusive all normal social event
Contrary to the people and their people whom he also isolated

Already bigger and more expert my achievements were exponential
To receive me and not to warn, not to go to the lecture hall to receive the diploma, to swear to recite
Not to marry in white, not to make a formal party, and to participate or speak,
Contrary … like in the race of bumper cars
Hitting me head on with the other cars, challenging
Convinced or believing that others did not care,
Not wanting to bother me for an unwanted or deserved protagonism
On the contrary relegate my life. And to those who were part of it.

In the adules, going against was already unconscious
I marry the youngest of three brothers, in such a way that
My sisters-in-law could be my mothers, and my mother-in-law, my grandmother
And there I was again, disheveled, misplaced
With an age closer to my nephews than to my sisters-in-law,
That ended up being grandmothers of my children and I do not know
I’m still looking for a place there who knows if there will be
My place in the world of the misplaced by walking contramano

We chose at some point to go in the opposite direction
And then we perfect our choice,
When we realize we lost our lives, moments and love
We are solitary beings incomprehensible and unadaptable
Because when we neglect
Our mind our ideology is also in reverse
And to have enemies like somebody said
It is enough to think differently.