Enamorarse (English)

Fell in love

They say those who claim to be those who know,
That we are conditioned from children to fall in love.
And I can assure you that as we grow
We believe we become stronger and more immune, more alert and cautious

But one day we realize that love suddenly broke into our feelings,
Mocking self-imposed barriers,
And making us flourish from an inexplicable bliss, while it lasts,
And breaking our soul when it dies.

Because the paradox of love, if it has only one,
It’s that, falling in love always hurts.
It hurts to be in love, because the feeling is so intense
That it invades the Self and becomes us,

And suddenly I’m not mine as before,
And it makes me happy and at the same time I fear, because somewhere I lost my belonging,
And part of me belongs to him or her,
And so much delivery is only possible in a framework of sublime confidence

I do not know how or when my soul gives it
And immersed I am, in a visceral love,
Blind when I see you and I have you,
Possessed of your smell and you remember if you are not.

Because love is felt even with the scalp,
Each organ lives it and so to the startles
We feel as never in life that we are alive.

Falling in love is a gift that some of us receive in life.
It’s a miracle that if we’re lucky
We will live it perhaps more than once.
But always do not doubt it will hurt.
And a lot.
As a fool and a coward would you be if you chose not to live it

Over time I understood that it is the price paid to devour life,
And that the memories of that love will be the food of years of solitude,
Then as a slow motion relive every moment of that passion
It will feel almost the same as when it was,
It will hurt, it will smell, it will feel the caresses as if He or she were still,
And for that moment you can fool yourself and feel alive again,

Because if you were lucky,
If you have fallen in love and given to that passion blindly, you have lived,
You are fortunate,
You can die completely